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2021-12-15 00:43:51 By : Mr. Marsh S

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When you think of pickup trucks, you might imagine dusty and rugged terrain and rugged outdoor crowds, right? Ford and AMV BBDO completely subverted this stereotype and developed a beautiful and tranquil short film to capture the depth of their new Ranger truck.

"Night Swimming" features stunning underwater scenes, where people wading through the water one night, at first glance it appears to be a pool. The audience witnessed their friends gliding around, the ethereal lights shining around them, illuminating the bubbles, and making everything appear gleaming. As the group of people came and went in and out of the waves, it was obvious that they were actually in a lake surrounded by Ford trucks with their headlights on.

Martin Loraine, writer and deputy executive creative director of AMV BBDO, said: "The convention of pickup trucks is to show rugged terrain and difficult loads, but the Ranger has the best wading depth in its class."

“It’s creative to show how it feels when driving in deep water, but it also sets it apart from other pickups.”

The film was directed by Adam Berg of Smuggler and shot in a creative studio and location in Romania in late summer.

"The Ford Ranger is the number one pickup truck in Europe because as a product, it is far ahead of the competition," added Peter Zillig, Ford European Marketing Director.

"Our strategy is to create a campaign that can outperform the typical pickup truck ad. The result is an amazing display of Ranger's first-rate wading depth, which is just one of the capabilities that make it a pickup truck."

The pan-European point will also be supported by TV, VOD, YouTube, social media, digital outdoor (DOOH), outdoor (OOH) and print ads shot by photographer Benedict Redgrove .

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